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Which Cosmetic Procedures Can Reduce Wrinkles?

Written by prositesdentalOct 6 • 2 minute read

Wrinkles are an unavoidable part of the aging process. However, they can affect your self-esteem, especially considering how they are more pronounced in visible skin areas like the face, arms, neck, and hands. With advancements in cosmetic procedures, it is possible to reduce and even eliminate the appearance of wrinkles. If you have a wrinkle problem, consider the following cosmetic procedures.


In this cosmetic procedure, your dermatologist will prick your skin with tiny, sterilized needles, stimulating collagen production. As the skin heals, it takes on a younger, renewed appearance. Compared to other cosmetic procedures, this process is relatively inexpensive and produces reliable results. Microneedling can help treat the following types of skin conditions:

  • Sun damage
  • Scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Poor skin elasticity
  • Large pores
  • Acne
  • Hair loss in people with alopecia


This cosmetic procedure is minimally invasive and is ideal for minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. In microdermabrasion, your dermatologist will use an applicator to remove the dead or dying outer layer of your skin. The applicator has an abrasive surface and comes in the following designs:

  • Diamond-tip handpiece
  • Crystal-emitting handpiece
  • Hydradermabrasion facial device

With this procedure, anesthesia is unnecessary. Besides wrinkles and fine lines, microdermabrasion is also ideal for reducing stretch marks.


Dermabrasion also involves removing the outer layers of the skin so that it grows back smoother and younger. The procedure uses the same concept as microdermabrasion but penetrates deeper into the skin. Unlike microdermabrasion, it removes skin that is still viable or alive, which is why your dermatologist will numb the skin with anesthesia. After the procedure, your skin will be swollen, sensitive, and red for several weeks. Dermabrasion is an ideal cosmetic procedure for those with more pronounced wrinkles, scarring, or issues with pigmentation.

Laser Resurfacing

This procedure uses laser light technology to remove the epidermis, the outer layer of your skin. Your dermatologist or plastic surgeon will concentrate an intense beam of light energy on the wrinkled portions of your skin. The laser energy penetrates the epidermis and partially the dermis, the inner layer of the skin. This process can be painful, which is why your dermatologist will numb your skin with medication.

Rhytidectomy (Facelift)

Rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin from the face. Your plastic surgeon can also tighten the muscular and connective tissue layers to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. If you experience any of the following cosmetic issues, a facelift may be able to help:

  • Sagging face
  • Deepened fold lines between nose and mouth
  • Facial jowls
  • Loose skin on the neck

Combined with other cosmetic procedures like dermabrasion and laser resurfacing, facelifts provide exceptional results for those looking to reduce wrinkles.


While the above cosmetic procedures are widely regarded as safe and effective methods to reduce wrinkles, they do carry some risks and side effects like any cosmetic treatment. In addition, you may be a better candidate for certain procedures than for others, depending on your circumstances and medical history. It’s always best to discuss your options and concerns with your dermatologist or plastic surgeon before committing to any of them.

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