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What Is a Thread Lift?

As we age, the skin loses its elasticity and strength. Because of this, you may notice looser and drooping skin on your face and neck as the cartilage and skin change. Since aging is a natural process, many facial cosmetic treatments, like thread lifts, can help you achieve the look you desire. Continue reading to […]

Written by prositesdentalMar 23 • 3 minute read

Comparing Liposuction and CoolSculpting®

Exercising regularly and eating right are essential to help you achieve your desired body goals. However, sometimes these efforts may not be enough. You may have challenges dealing with trouble spots such as the waist, thigh, and stomachs. Liposuction or CoolSculpting are popular treatments to help you attain a tighter and well-toned appearance. Although these […]

Written by prositesdentalMar 16 • 3 minute read

Tattoo Removal: What Are Your Options?

Getting a tattoo can be an exciting way to express your individuality. However, over time and with life changes, you may outgrow your tattoo. You may notice it has faded or you simply don’t feel as passionately about the interest, cause, or person that inspired it. Whatever your reasons, removing a tattoo can be a life-changing […]

Written by prositesdentalMar 9 • 2 minute read

Who Is a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

With cosmetic surgery becoming increasingly popular, it is essential to understand the procedure you are opting for to ensure it is safe and suitable for your goals. If you are contemplating getting a rhinoplasty, knowing whether you are the right candidate can help you make an informed decision, avoid complications, and manage your expectations. Continue […]

Written by prositesdentalMar 2 • 2 minute read

Comparing the Most Popular Hair Removal Options

Excessive or unwanted hair can negatively affect your self-confidence and quality of life. This is why people spend their time painstakingly removing unwanted hair to achieve smooth legs, clean bikini lines, and stubble-free upper lips and chins. There are many different ways to remove unwanted hair, but no single technique suits everyone. Read on to […]

Written by prositesdentalFeb 23 • 3 minute read

How Breast Reduction Surgery Can Improve Quality of Life

Breast reduction surgery can be life-changing for individuals with large breasts that have begun to cause pain or discomfort. This procedure relieves the physical and emotional challenges caused by heavy breasts by removing excess tissue and reducing the breasts to a comfortable and proportional size. As a result, this procedure can significantly improve one’s quality of […]

Written by prositesdentalFeb 16 • 3 minute read

Understanding the Different Types of Breast Augmentation Surgery

How a person views their breasts can add to or deduct from their confidence. Unfortunately, aging, pregnancies, gravity, and body weight changes may severely alter breast size and appearance. Some women feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about their cup size or the ways their breasts have changed due to time and life events. In these cases, […]

Written by prositesdentalFeb 9 • 2 minute read

Addressing Common Misconceptions About Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Although cosmetic surgery has made great strides since the 2000s, there is still a lot of misinformation circulating. Many people go to plastic surgery consultations with outdated and incorrect perceptions, information, and expectations. Although plastic surgery procedures are now commonplace, finding correct and up-to-date information on them remains a challenge. Whether you’re talking to friends […]

Written by prositesdentalFeb 2 • 2 minute read

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Your body can heal itself after a cut or when you break a bone. However, when it comes to chronic conditions such as diabetes, stroke, or heart disease, the body often cannot resolve the condition by itself. This could change in the future thanks to regenerative medicine, an innovative field that aims to treat health conditions […]

Written by prositesdentalJan 26 • 2 minute read

How Tissue Expansion Supports Successful Reconstructive Surgery

Tissue expansion is the stretching of soft tissues and skin and is usually performed before reconstructive surgery to replace injured, scarred, or damaged skin. It promotes the healthy growth of supplementary skin that replaces damaged skin. Continue reading to learn more about this highly effective procedure. What Is Tissue Expansion Surgery? Tissue expansion is a relatively […]

Written by prositesdentalJan 19 • 2 minute read

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