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Important Questions to Ask Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Written by prositesdentalSep 1 • 2 minute read

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery that increases the size of the breasts. The surgeon places breast implants under your breast tissue or the chest muscles to achieve the desired results. People choose breast augmentation for various reasons. Some do it to feel more confident, and others to rebuild their breast area.

The surgeon gives you the liberty to choose the implant size you want. The surgical team will also ensure you know all possible risks and post-operation instructions that you must follow. The following are some important questions you should ask before the surgery.

What Happens During the Procedure?

Before the surgery, you will change into a hospital gown. The doctor will use a marker to draw lines on your body where the incision will be made before you lie down. The anesthesiologist will then administer anesthesia to prevent you from feeling pain or making any sort of movements during the surgery. The surgeon will make an incision near the nipples, armpits, or under the breast depending on the size and type of implant. After placing the implants, the doctor will close up the incision, and you will be transferred to the recovery area as you wait for the anesthesia to wear off.

What Are the Risks?

Like every other surgery, augmentation mammoplasty comes with potential risks and side effects. You might experience some numbness in your breasts after the surgery, but it should fade after a few hours. It is also possible for breast implants to rupture, leading to a wide range of potential health complications. This risk is present with both saline and silicone implants, but silicone implant ruptures are typically harder to detect.

Breast implant ruptures do not occur easily. They can be caused by a heavy impact on the breast, cracks that develop long after the surgery, or surgical errors. When this happens, additional surgery is needed to repair the ruptures or remove the implants entirely.

How Long Is the Recovery Process?

Before going for surgery, be sure you have organized transportation back home. Your doctor will advise you to have someone with you for the next 48 hours. There is a special bra that your doctor will provide to offer support to your breasts as they heal. The bra also helps you to minimize swelling. Follow the doctor’s instructions and be sure to take any medication prescribed. Your doctor will likely prescribe medication to help with pain and swelling.

You may experience soreness and swelling for the first three to six weeks after the surgery. With medication and rest, you can go back to your normal daily activities after about two months. The incision scar might still show after three months with some initial changes in your breast size. Within a year, you will be able to see the final results of the surgery, as the swelling and scarring will have subsided.

Final Thoughts

A breast augmentation surgery can change your appearance and your life. Be sure to research and ask your doctor all relevant questions, including their qualifications and experience in augmentation mammoplasty. Take your time to heal before exerting too much pressure on your body after the surgery.

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